Basics of Winkl

These short videos will have you up and running in no time.

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Creating your account on Winkl

It’s super easy! Create your account on continue with Google or Facebook.

Creating your website

Enter some information, add an image or two and you’re done!

Customizing your website

Customize your website, the way you like it, effortlessly, with the new filters on Winkl.

Creating Winks

Create & share visual posts with your audience.


Creating a blog on Winkl

Time Taken - Approx 3 Mins

Winkl makes it super easy to setup your blog in 3 minutes.

Importing your content from Wordpress

Time Taken - Approx 2 Mins

Importing your existing Wordpress blog is a breeze.

Read the stepwise article here.

Categorising your blog posts

Time Taken - Approx 5 Mins

Categorize all your posts from one place.

Adding images, videos and formatting content

Adding images, videos and formatting content is super easy on Winkl

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